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Avicalm is a magnesium based calming solution based on a unique form of magnesium developed and used in human pschychiatric and cardiac health.

The calming properties of magnesium are well documented and the combination with aspartic acid and hydrochloric acid forms a unique magnesium aspartate trihydrochloride complex that is more effective in the the system than any other magnesium salt. Furthermore its pH allows gentle digestion and assimilation.

At times of stress the birds magnesium reserves can be depleted. Magnesium is essential in nerve signal transmission and any depletion can lead to deterioration of mental and physical behaviour


Application of Avicalm at times of increased stress, when birds are more susceptible to disease, self mutilation, accidental damage, and aggressive behaviour, can reduce mortality and promote healthy growth.


Avicalm is a water based solution that can be added to drinking water. It should be refreshed daily.

As a general guide it is recommended that Avicalm is diluted at 0.5ml per 100ml of drinking water for chicks and for long term feeding (more than 5 days) of adults and at 1ml per litre of drinking water for short duration high stress periods (less than 5 days) in juvenile and adult birds.

The amount of concentrated Avicalm required per bird is weight dependant and is in the range of 0.05ml-0.2ml per bird per day. If birds are drinking at a normal rate then the recommended dilution levels of 0.5ml-1ml per l100ml of water will deliver an adequate supplementation. However at times where consumption is abnormally high or low then the dilution may be adjusted. If water consumption is low then dilute Avicalm at 1.5ml per litre, if consumption is high such as might be encountered in hot weather then reduce dilution to 0.25 - 0.5 ml per 100ml.  

Dilution levels do not need to be exact and so a normal margin of error as experienced in field conditions is acceptable. Avicalm takes effect within 1-2 hours and the effect soon diminishes after cessation of feeding. There are no side effects associated with its use in avian stock.

Avicalm an avian mineral feed supplement to support health and reduce the ill effects of stress in aviary and pet birds


Magnesium aspartate tri-hydrochloride, L-Theanine, Thiamin Hcl,Nicotinamide, Potassium sorbate, water

Avicalm Pet Bird Calmer 125ml

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