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March Laboratories Ltd

Oakwood Site

Crays Pond

Reading  RG8 7SD  UK           


T  01491680322



About us

March Laboratories operates in the Animal Health Markets through its Ace-Canine and HerdLeader product ranges.  As a privately owned UK business we pride ourselves on giving outstanding personal service to our customers.


These days most of us are more fully aware that good nutrition is the key to a high standard of health and a greater resistance to disease. Proper nutrition also plays a significant role in the animal world in the ability to reach optimum performance either in breeding or athletic potential.

World-wide research which included the work of the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows quite clearly that a deficiency in key nutrients can cause or predispose humans to disease. This sound principle is also a factor in both human and animal health and nutrition.

It is with this in mind that we have invested significant resources to ensure that our products specifically produced for animals provide optimum nutritional benefit.